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12Sep / Tue / 2017

4 Ways to Identify Your Child’s Learning Style (And Why it Matters)

Knowing your child’s learning style can help you make the most of his or her education. While children are flexible enough to process information in many different ways, most of them have a particularly strong aptitude in one of three main learning areas: auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. Finding out which category your child falls into […]

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30Aug / Wed / 2017

Off on the Right Foot: 5 Tips for Success in the New School Year

The fall semester has begun! A big new school year can often leave families feeling out of sorts. Children are going through big adjustments as they transition to the next grade, and parents have a whole new routine to learn and follow. Northside Christian Academy (NCA) wants to help you get off on the right […]

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14Aug / Mon / 2017

10 Reasons to Try Out For a Sports Team This Year

A new school year always brings anticipation, excitement, and opportunity. With the fall semester coming up, it’s a great time to thinkabout the opportunities at hand both inside the classroom and out. Athletic programs provide a broad range of benefits for middle and high school students. While physical fitness is an obvious advantage, students lives […]

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27Jun / Tue / 2017

Inside the Senior Trip: An Unforgettable Experience in Our Nation’s Capitol

What do you get when 44 seniors hit the road and travel north to Washington, D.C? According to trip leader David Nelson, eye-opening opportunities, a new appreciation for country, and memories that will last a lifetime. This past May, the entire senior class participated in one of Northside Christian Academy’s most exciting traditions — the […]

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15Jun / Thu / 2017

Coach John Brooks; A Legend’s Curtain Call

An encore performance. That’s what we think of as we reflect on Coach John Brooks’ retirement from many years of pouring himself into NCA. While he still retains the option to continue coaching, Coach Brooks has chosen to make this past school year his final curtain call. It all began in the small coal-mining town […]

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