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21Feb / Wed / 2018

10 Ways to Make Writing Exciting for Your Middle Schooler

Has your middle schooler procrastinated on a writing assignment? For most families with teens or tweens, that would not be unusual! It might be time to consider some new ways to ignite your middle schooler’s interest in putting pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard. Since written expression is a skill on which students […]

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6Feb / Tue / 2018

8 Ways 8th Graders Can Start Preparing for College

Think back to your own middle school years: was college planning on your mind? If that sounds too early to you, think again! Today, many guidance specialists suggest that 8th grade is the optimal time to start charting the course toward college. Intentional conversations and careful planning can prepare your child for wise and informed […]

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17Jan / Wed / 2018

A Resolution to Read: 8 Great Book Recommendations for Middle School Students

On the list of top New Year’s resolutions — up there with adopting a healthier diet and more exercise — it’s typical to find “read more books” as an aspirational goal. Most of us would agree that it’s a worthy target as we seek options that will inspire, enlighten, intrigue, or entertain us. Guiding our […]

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10Jan / Wed / 2018

Defining Digital Wellness: How to Safeguard Your Student’s Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health in a Tech-Driven World

There probably isn’t a parent among us who hasn’t wondered how to rein in some aspect of technology in their child’s life. But for most of us, there’s also a sense of appreciation for the ways technology has benefited our daily lives. Let’s be honest: who doesn’t find it practical and handy for finding a […]

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20Nov / Mon / 2017

Fun Family Activities for an Unforgettable Thanksgiving Break

We’re 99.9 percent confident that each of our students and school families are excited about the upcoming Thanksgiving break week. But when that week has concluded, what memories will you and your family have made? While many of us will be traveling or welcoming relatives and friends for the big day of feasting and thanks, […]

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