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Going “All N” at NCA

What does it mean to go “all in?” This phrase gained popularity from the game of poker. When a player believed he had the winning hand, he’d bet all his chips, hoping the rewards were soon to follow. Going all in — whether in a card game or in life — is a big commitment. It requires an investment of time, energy, and heart. However, when the cause is worthy, the reward is always worth the effort.

If you’ve spent any time at NCA, you might’ve seen or heard the term “ALL N.” This slogan was created to unite faculty, staff, students, and families in our mission: to pursue excellence in academics and to foster an atmosphere of lifelong learners grounded in Biblical truth. Going ALL N is about being fully committed to the things that matter most.

All N for Excellence

Whether in the classroom or on the athletic field, NCA students pursue excellence. It’s not about having the highest GPA or scoring the most goals of the season, but staying focused and giving it 100 percent. See, pursuing excellence is different from pursuing perfection. It is about setting high standards and working hard, while learning from mistakes with a positive attitude.

All N for Each Other

Going all N for each other fosters a close-knit community where people offer genuine love and support to those around them. This has been the norm at NCA since our founding. Teachers demonstrate meaningful collaboration and our student body is united in a unique and special way.

All N for Jesus

The most important part of our ALL N campaign is our commitment to the Lord. This involves recognizing his worthiness and making our service to him the number one priority in life. For teachers and students alike, this requires focus. Being in the Word daily, praying, and sharing his love with others are spiritual disciplines that require an ALL N mentality.

Go All N

God has called us to live a certain way. When he died for our sins, he didn’t intend for us to lead lives of apathy. He has called us to be intentional — to love him and our neighbors as ourselves, and to have high personal standards for our thoughts and actions. If you would like to learn more about going ALL N at NCA, contact us today!



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