Our Culture


Our Culture

Many students, one unified school body

At Northside Christian Academy, our Pre-K through high school students are reclaiming the culture for Christ. Through rigorous academics, outstanding athletics, a strong fine arts program, and an emphasis on spiritual maturity, we seek to create a culture where the youngest learner up to the high school graduate can grow and thrive.

Truth as a Way of Life
Ranked among North Carolina’s Top 10 Christian Schools, we attribute much of the academic success and spiritual growth our students experience to the fact that everything we do comes from a biblical worldview. We teach from the standpoint that truth is more than a good moral, but rather a way of life that Christ calls us to live by. When students live out their Christian faith everyday on our campus, lives are impacted and our culture is transformed.

Diversity That Adds, Not Divides
NCA is home to students of all backgrounds. Each student has their own unique personal interests, goals, academic strengths, and spiritual gifts. Such diversity strengthens the student body as a whole and creates a dynamic culture of creativity, fun, and friendship.

Preparation for Success
As part of our engaging culture, students are prepared for success not only in the classroom, but for college and their future endeavors as well. They’ll build upon the academic, social, and spiritual foundations established with us as they go where their next steps take them. It’s our hope the values instilled at NCA will help shape their character on into adulthood, so that they can make a difference in their families and communities for Christ.

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