The Benefits of a Private Christian Education

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The Benefits of a Private Christian Education

When it comes to choosing the right school for your child, many factors come into play. Certain questions you might ask are “What is this school ranked in comparison to other schools?” or, “Is there a high faculty and staff turnover rate?” and even more importantly, “What philosophies and values will my children be taught during the school day?” All of these concerns are legitimate and it is imperative that you receive the right answers.

Truth be told, it is impossible to be physically present with your children every moment of everyday. With that being said, we want to ensure that our children are in capable hands during the hours they are a part from us. And, in a world that is becoming increasingly opposed to what our Christian faith teaches us, the benefits of giving your child a Christian education far outweigh the sacrifice that it often entails.

Allowing your child to attend a school such as Northside Christian Academy not only gives them an opportunity to learn in a Christ-centered environment, but you can rest assured you will not be compromising on your child receiving a superior education. In fact, NCA placed 3rd  on Niche among the best Private Christian Schools in North Carolina in 2018. Our teachers are not only highly trained professionals, they are born again believers.

So what are the benefits of a Christian education? Here are some major bullet points to consider:

  • Christian Worldview Education
  • Highly trained, born again believers making up the faculty/ staff
  • Smaller classroom size
  • Opportunity to build lifelong friendships & connections with individuals who share your faith
  • Superior college prep
  • Currently intangible benefits that will undoubtedly manifest over the course of your child’s life

Come see for yourself why the atmosphere of our school would be the right fit for you and your family. We believe our spirit of excellence speaks for itself. We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to the NCA family!

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