Best Middle Schools in Charlotte, NC

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Best Middle Schools in Charlotte, NC

This year as parents search for best middle schools in Charlotte, NC, they will be taking a look at the middle school at Northside Christian Academy!  Our middle school is comprised of students in grades 6 through 8. Maximum class size is 24 students, and there is already a waiting list for 7th grade!  NCA’s middle school team is unbeatable.  Mrs. Julie Smith, Mrs. Brooke Williams, and Mrs. Joanna Self are seasoned teachers with a passion for the middle school age.  Each is creative and using “hands on learning” every day in the classroom. Coach Gabe Blair, former professional basketball player, is the middle school PE teacher. For electives, the middle school students may choose 2 of the following:  art, band, choir, Spanish, and technology.

While looking for best middle schools in Charlotte, NC, parents will also find that Northside Christian Academy offers several sports and the performing arts to middle school students.  After school clubs, such as photography and home ec, are also available.

The middle school years can be difficult.  At Northside, the teachers partner with the parents to mold and mentor the middle school students, helping them to excel in academics, the arts, athletics and attitude.  

Keep your eyes on the middle school program at Northside Christian Academy this year.  You will like what you see!

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