Beat Summer Boredom

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Beat Summer Boredom

Many might remember the song from the 1970s “School’s Out.” But now that you’re a parent with children of your own, when the school year comes to a close, you might prefer to sing “Jesus Keep Me Near the cross.” Sure, we all love our kids. However, truth be told, we sometimes have a tough time trying to decide how we’re going to keep them entertained several hours at a time, for weeks on end. But never fear, your answered prayer is here! Below, you’ll find five suggestions on keeping your children occupied during summer vacation:

  1. Research Free/Discounted Museums. Museums are a great way to expose your children to various topics and tons of facts. Many museums are interactive, making for an enjoyable time for children of all ages. The Wells Fargo Museum is free all of the time. 
  2. Dollar Movie Days. Did you know that many movie theaters offer special days and times where tickets can be purchased for as low as $1? Click here to see if there are any such deals in your area. 
  3. Bible Memory Verses. You can continue to challenge your child’s mind by giving them a memory verse each week. This exercises their brown power, but also keeps them in the Word of God. Make it even more exciting by offering a reward at the end of each week. Rewards can be simple. Anything from stickers, to a coloring book and crayons, even a hoolahoop! Check your local Dollar Tree for awesome prizes! 
  4. Explore New Recipes. Try doing a Google search for kid-friendly recipes. Believe it or not, many kids like to help out in the kitchen. By finding recipes that are simple and tailor-made for them, you can get them more involved in the cooking process. 
  5. Water Fun. Many children absolutely love playing in water. If you don’t have access to a pool, you still have access to fun. Playing in sprinklers, with a hose, water balloons, or, even an inexpensive, inflatable pool can be a great way to beat the heat. Just ensure your children are supervised at all times to make for a safe summer.


There are so many more activities that you can find to beat summer boredom. Between Google searches and Pinterest, you can find a plethora of things to do. The important thing is that your children have fun and are spending adequate time with family and friends.

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