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Growing Great Teachers to Impact Students: The Importance of Faculty Development

Successful, well-rounded students are always looking for ways to grow. They take on new challenges in the classroom, try a wide variety of activities, and are energized by opportunities to expand their horizons. Rather than doing just enough to get by, they embrace a lifestyle of going the extra mile — using all the resources available to them to learn as much as they can.

So what provides a student with this level of motivation? We say role models have a lot to do with it. When young students see their leaders pursuing growth in their own lives, they more clearly understand the value of personal development.

Faculty development days give teachers the opportunity to invest in their students by developing their own skills and knowledge. These are so much more than a day off for students; they’re a means for teachers to remain on the cutting edge of their craft while inspiring the young people they lead.

Here are a few of the areas in which teachers are expanding their skills and knowledge on Faculty Development Days:

STEAM Teaching

At Northside Christian Academy, STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Rather than teaching these subjects separately, they are integrated, allowing students to solve real-world problems through creativity and critical thinking. STEM and STEAM are emphasized more today than ever before, preparing students for careers of tomorrow. In order to equip students with the skills to be competitive, teachers must continually update their own knowledge in key fields of study.

Different Learning Styles

With smaller class sizes, teachers in private schools often have the opportunity to employ differentiated instruction, tailoring their teaching styles to meet individual needs. Discovering new strategies for engaging all sorts of learners within the same classroom can improve student outcomes and foster meaningful relationships.

Engaging Today’s Students

There’s no denying that technology has changed the way students interact with the world around them. Rather than trying to change this reality, teachers can embrace a healthy use of technology and equip their students with 21st-century skills. Learning about new educational tools and resources is valuable for both teaching and learning.

College Prep

Preparing students for college shouldn’t fall solely to the guidance counselor. Teachers are often students most valuable resources for future planning. From developing study habits and improving writing skills, to developing a strategy for choosing the best college and selecting a major, students rely on the help of well-informed leaders in their school.

Listening Effectively

It’s the teacher’s job to do the talking, right? While we typically think of students as the listeners, all teachers can enhance their effectiveness through listening well. This not only impacts classroom instruction, but parent relationships, the ability to mentor students spiritually, and teamwork with other teachers.

Biblical Worldview Teaching

Christian education is most effective when Scripture is integrated across all subject areas. While learning how truth can be applied to subjects like math, science, history, and others, students develop a biblical worldview. Teachers have a huge responsibility in shaping how children grow to view the world, and must be prepared for the task of helping them recognize and defend truth.

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