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Off on the Right Foot: 5 Tips for Success in the New School Year

The fall semester has begun! A big new school year can often leave families feeling out of sorts. Children are going through big adjustments as they transition to the next grade, and parents have a whole new routine to learn and follow. Northside Christian Academy (NCA) wants to help you get off on the right foot. 

We have found that when students feel organized in their initial weeks of school, they thrive. Here are some simple ways to set your child up for success and create standards that will be beneficial throughout the entire year.

Get to bed earlier.

If you haven’t already, start gradually pushing back bedtime (and waking up earlier). A major schedule change can be a shock to the mind and body. If you’re experiencing the effects, extra sleep and more time in the morning can make a positive impact on your child.

Stock up on essentials.

Consider items that you can buy in bulk to keep on hand for the weeks ahead. Lunch box favorites for the pantry, extra pencils or school supplies, and uniform staples are always needed. Stocking up can eliminate the hassle of last-minute errands.

Create a study space.

If your child has struggled with homework in years past, try setting up a designated study space to help him or her focus. Make sure it includes a desk, comfortable chair, and good lighting. Try to avoid areas with televisions or other distractions.

Mark your calendar.

Having a master calendar in a central location (like your kitchen) can help the entire family stay on top of school events, upcoming trips, and important project deadlines. Check out the NCA 2017-18 academic calendar to pencil in some dates.

Set measurable goals.

Goal setting is important for everyone from kindergarteners to adults. Start conversations with your student about the new school year and what they might accomplish. Whether it’s earning honor roll status, making a sports team, or volunteering, laying out the objectives ahead of time keeps your child focused.

Ask questions.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone at NCA. We have been preparing for a great school year all summer, and desire to partner with families to see their students thrive.

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