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10 Reasons to Try Out For a Sports Team This Year

A new school year always brings anticipation, excitement, and opportunity. With the fall semester coming up, it’s a great time to thinkabout the opportunities at hand both inside the classroom and out. Athletic programs provide a broad range of benefits for middle and high school students. While physical fitness is an obvious advantage, students lives are enriched in many other ways through sport.

A Sense of Community

Students not only experience the close-knit, collective nature of a sports team, they get to represent the entire school to the greater Charlotte community.

Leadership Skills

Whether a rookie or a team captain, all students experience leadership through athletics. Growing with a team means students get to set examples for new players while providing coaching and encouragement.

Effective Teamwork

Student athletes realize that working together toward a common goal requires strong collaboration and communication. On a team, students get to experience the value and necessity of both leadership and supporting roles.

Positive Mentors

Players benefit immensely from working with coaches, athletic trainers, and leaders on the team. Positive authority figures help students build character, remain accountable for their goals, and experience genuine

Time Management

Joining a sports team requires sacrifice, but the result is usually better organization skills and a commitment to the things that matter most. Student athletes benefit from planning to accomplish academic work before practices and games.

Better Grades

Some hesitate to join a sports team because they don’t want it to interfere with their academic responsibilities, but studies show that student athletes have slightly higher GPAs, miss less school and perform better overall in the classroom.

Healthy Lifestyles

As a member of a sports team, students have less time for activities that keep them sedentary, such as watching TV. Using spare time in an active way promotes healthy BMIs and promotes an active lifestyle that lasts long beyond high school.

College Prep

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association found that those who participate in high school sports are 15 percent more likely to attend college. The habits and skills developed through athletics are extremely useful for the academic, extracurricular, and social aspects of higher education.

Personal Responsibility

Through sports, students learn the value of patience and see the fruits of their labor as hard work pays off. Athletes must take responsibility for their actions while developing a strong sense of focus.

Life Skills

Developing self-confidence, enhancing communication skills, learning to set measurable goals, and working together with others are just a few of the skills that benefit students long after high school.

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