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8 Easy Ways to Encourage Summer Reading


Some students are natural readers — they are constantly gravitating toward new titles. Others need extra motivation to pick up a book, and typically only read when it’s part of an assignment. If your child falls into the second category, reading might not be on their summer to-do list. But studies show that students who read little or nothing throughout the summer months can regress academically. This learning loss can make it difficult to transition successfully from one grade to the next.

The good news is, a little reading can go a long way. Here are some tips for encouraging your child to explore new books this summer.

Lead By Example

Set the tone for reading in your home. It can be challenging for children to get motivated to pick up a book if their parents never do so. Find a good page turner of your own and encourage family discussions about the books being read.

Set Measurable Goals

Children thrive when they have set milestones to reach. Strive for one smaller book a week, or a longer novel each month throughout the summer. If your student reads everything on their reading list, consider a special outing to celebrate before school begins.

Make Books Accessible

Make trips to the library your go-to summer boredom buster. If you have tablets or e-readers in your home, consider giving your children gift cards to purchase books online, or even audiobooks.

Explore Audiobooks

There’s no substitute for turning pages, but listening to audiobooks is certainly better than watching TV or scrolling through social media. When your child is traveling, exercising, or on the go this summer, encourage them to find titles they love on the Audible app.

Subscribe to Magazines

Yes, magazines count too! In fact, they can be an excellent tool for students with shorter attention spans or those who simply don’t love books. Consider interest based subscriptions like National Geographic, Sports Illustrated Kids, or American Girl.

Make Reading Social

Book club, anyone? If your child always wants to have friends over, this is a great opportunity to make some of their time educational. A book club is a fun way for students of all ages to get inspired to read and enjoy a discussion about the stories at hand.

Find a Series

Series are excellent for summer reading because they encourage readers to move through multiple books in a short period of time. Many students develop a love for reading through a good series as they are eager to get the next book and see what happens next!

Write Your Own

Writing is another amazing way to prevent summer learning loss. Encourage your child to journal summer adventures and document them with pictures. You can later upload their content and print a hard or softcover book with their writings and images.

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