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4 Ways Summer Camp Can Impact Your Child

What did you love about summer camp as a child? Was it the constant activity, like swimming or team sports? The friendships that were forged? The freedom and independence of being away from home?

From learning new skills to fellowshipping with others, camps have been impacting students’ lives for generations. If you’re wondering what opportunities are available for your child this summer, consider the benefits a Christian camp can provide.

Physical Activity

Many students struggle to stay active throughout the summer months. Not getting the recommended amount of physical activity daily is a health threat to all age groups. Camps introduce kids that are prone to be sedentary to exciting new activities. This physical stimulation and constant exposure to nature promotes healthy minds and bodies.

Social Development

Lifelong friendships are forged at camp. Because it is a social experience, students grow immensely in their confidence and ability to connect with others. They may even get opportunities to build relationships with peers outside their normal school “circles,” which is always an enriching experience.

Knowledge Retention

Summer learning loss is an unfortunate reality for all students. With two to three months off, valuable skills in core subject areas can dwindle. Most camps have an academic component that fights the “brain drain” that students are susceptible to over the summer. This helps them build on current knowledge and enter a new school year sharp.

Spiritual Growth

Christian camps offer constant mentorship from positive role models and regular worship services with truth-filled messages. Every year, students come to accept Jesus as their savior in camp environments. If they’ve previously made a salvation decision, they often grow immensely in their knowledge of the Word.

Register Your Child for Summer Camp at NCA

Northside Christian Academy in Charlotte, NC, offers summer day camps for students in first through seventh grade, and sports camps for students of all ages. With weekly field trips, special classes, chapel, and other activities, there’s never a dull moment on our campus. Give us a call to learn more at (704) 602-2208.




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