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NCA Senior Spotlight: Taewoo Lee














How long have you attended Northside?

This is my third year at Northside.


What do you love most about Northside?

I love the circumstances that surround people, a complete unity under the glory of God.


Which teachers have impacted you the greatest, and how?

I would say the teacher that has impacted me the most is Mrs. Hicks. Not only does she lead me in the right direction, but she also helps me when I face many problems – inside and outside of school. Also, as a biology lover, I love to take her classes, because of her clear passion for biology.


What extra-curricular activities/groups are you involved in?

I played soccer for two consecutive years, Junior and Senior year, and I’m also involved in Track & Field in this year. I founded a group called AMC club, which focuses on developing math skills and performing well on the AMC national test. I also used to be a reporter for a Korean newspaper company.

What honors and awards have you received during your time at NCA?

I received a few academic awards for subject areas including US History I, Pre-Calculus, and AP Biology. I am also a current member of NHS, and I have the opportunity to be a flag bearer in my Junior year to honor the Senior class.


To which colleges have you been accepted and where do you plan to attend?

I’ve been accepted to Penn State, UC Santa Cruz, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. I plan to attend University of Wisconsin-Madison.


What do you plan to study in college?

I plan to major in Microbiology or Neuroscience and minor in French.


What activities (athletic, fine arts, etc.) do you plan to participate in while at college?

I want to be involved in Student Council and be a member of a soccer club, as well.


What is your life verse?

My life verse has not been changed ever since I first read it: 2 Thessalonians 3:10 says, “If he does not work, neither does he eat.”

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