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The Link Between Music and Academic Performance

Music stimulates the brain like nothing else can. Studies have shown that students who learn to play instruments or take music classes perform better across all subject areas. With such a strong link to academic success, we have to wonder — why don’t more schools emphasize music programs as a vital part of their curriculum?

Budget cuts and narrowing curricula have unfortunately played a role in the movement away from music education in schools across the country. This shift is hurting our nation’s students in more ways than one. At Northside Christian Academy, we have made an unwavering commitment to invest in strong music and arts programs because we’ve seen the advantages they provide.

Strengthened Core Competencies

Music training provides a boost to students struggling in core subject areas such as language arts or math. How are they connected? Music taps into a child’s natural abilities to decode things. Whether sounds, words, or mathematical problems, music helps advance the brain processes that are required for academic success.

More Knowledge Retention

Have you ever heard your child say, “This song is stuck in my head!”? It’s not just because they were listening to a catchy tune; music actually helps your child retain information. It’s no wonder that music is an integral part of treatment plans for patients with Alzheimer’s and memory loss.

Strong Social Growth

Whether students are involved in choir or band, they learn the value of working together to create something meaningful. This helps children build teamwork skills and self-confidence.  Whether playing or singing, music has the power to build strong community and imparts social skills that are beneficial in school and beyond.

Better Grades Overall

Scoring high grades requires focus, and music training fosters the skills needed to perform well on school projects and tests. In the age of information, the ability to concentrate is becoming a lost art. Music requires discipline, but the rewards are exponential. In addition to scoring better grades, students will likely broaden their horizons in many other ways.

Stop By and Hear the Music

Are you looking for a school with strong music education? NCA offers a plethora of music programs, as well as private lessons, to all students. We invite you to tour our campus and learn more about how music motivates our students to reach their full potential.


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