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When Parents and Teachers Talk, Students Thrive

It’s no secret that positive parent-teacher relationships foster student success. Dozens of studies have shown that when a link exists between home and school, academic performance is increased.

When people think of parent-teacher communication, formal conferences come to mind. But there’s so much more to it than that. Consider these three ways parents and teachers can work together to maximize student learning.

Understanding Learning Styles

You know your child best. And most teachers – especially those in private schools – recognize that every student learns differently. In order for the teacher to work with your child on an individual level, your partnership is needed.

Establish open lines of communication about your student’s strengths and weaknesses. What types of activities stimulate their mind? What do they struggle with that might affect learning in the classroom? With insight from you, the teacher can tailor his or her style to help your student thrive.

Staying Involved With Process

Twice yearly conferences are not the most effective way to stay engaged with the learning process. Consider more hands-on ways to get involved.

Some ideas include volunteering in class, chaperoning field trips, emailing with the teacher, or simply sending in notes with homework folders. Staying up-to-date with the learning process allows you to see the bigger picture and help the teacher accomplish his or her goals for a given school year.

Providing Help at Home

Homework is a chance for your student to develop critical study skills. While some of the work should be done independently, there are opportunities for parents to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom.

Start by asking your child’s teacher how you can best help at home. Explain that you don’t want to hover during every homework assignment, but desire to be involved. He or she will likely have suggestions on creating a positive study space at home, developing a routine, and enjoying educational family activities.

Always Remember…

While every teacher wants to bridge the gap between home and school, they have many students and families to work with. Establishing communication guidelines is key to maintaining a positive relationship all year long. Don’t hesitate to ask how and when your teacher wants to hear from you. Together, you can collaborate to help your child reach full potential.

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